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Jewellery maintenance and repair

The maintenance of your jewellery is very important if you do not want to have to come for a repair instead. To make sure how to maintain your jewellery well, refer to jewellery care. The cost of a good maintenance will always be lower than the cost of a repair! Here at Aurum Jewels, we can clean your jewellery with our ultrasonic bath, proper cloths and suedes or specific bath solutions. Visit us in store for a complimentary clean! As soon as you will see the sparkle of your diamond and the shine of your gold revived you will feel like having a complete new jewellery again!

If your jewellery needs to be repaired, we welcome the opportunity to quote and if need be repair your jewellery. From replacement of missing diamonds to re-tipping claws, rebuilding Bands, replacing catches on chains/bracelets and straightening our specialist jeweller will repair your jewels. NB: If you have any doubts whether or not your jewellery needs to be repaired , Aurum Jewels are always here to advise and assist you.

Jewellery design

From the sketch to your hands, neck or ears, our instore designer can create your dream piece. Please come see us on Monday and Tuesday to meet our designer. Please see Manufacturing jewellers for more information on custom jewellery design. Our experienced team specialises in custom hand-made diamond rings, engagement rings, and other bespoke jewellery for our clients in Adelaide.

Jewellery rethreading

Aurum Jewels can rethread all your strands. Our lovely ladies in store will be here to assist you in choosing the right rethread for your jewels. Indeed, from pearls to gems, long to short strands, high valuable or less valuable, knotted or unknotted you will decide what kind of rethread you wish and we will be there to advise you.\

Jewellery remodelling and rejuvenation

Transform your vintage jewellery into something new and different that suits you and your time. We can find new stones for you to add or replace, reuse your gold and create something unique From Rhodium plating to setting new stones and polishing or resizing, Aurum jewels will be here to service with your needs.

Insurance replacement quotation

Aurum Jewels aims to provide jewellery replacement services for settlements of claims that satisfies both the insured and the insurer. Replacement of highly personal treasures requires sensitivity. Jewellery gifts are typically emotional, and jewellery brings joy that is priceless. We offer professional jewellery services as gemologists, licensed valuers, manufacturers, and over forty years continuous experience in retail. We acknowledge the complementary services provided by chartered loss adjusters, who facilitate prompt settlement of claims.

Aurum Jewels offers benefits to clients through our long term relationships with diamond dealers, gem merchants, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Our experience means we are well placed to match the original, even though it may seem irreplaceable.

Our goal is to maintain excellent client relations between client and insurer. We accept that although the subject jewellery may be substantially documented, with receipts and even valuations, it may be incomplete or outdated. It is then that our experience and knowledge facilitates the best outcome for the insured, adjusting the replacement values attributable to those lost assets, according to present circumstances. Insurers also appreciate the services of experienced jewellers, who bring the extra benefit of regularly engaging with the jewellery market, in all its diversity.

Our boutique is centrally located in the exclusive Adelaide Arcade, from which we offer our specialist insurance services. For prompt service, please contact us directly.