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Bespoke jewellery

At Aurum Jewels, we want every piece of jewellery to hold a lifetime of memories.

We create and craft lasting memories as bespoke jewellery for our customers. Each piece of jewellery we manufacture is uniquely crafted to capture your story. It’s the reason founder, Brigitte Zollo, began manufacturing custom designed jewellery over 35 years ago.

Our history

Founder and owner, Brigitte Zollo, started began her career in 1983 working with Ann Middleton of Chez Jewels. With more than 35 years of experience under her belt, Brigitte has returned to Burnside Village with her own acclaimed boutique. Today, Aurum Jewels celebrates 17 years as a manufacturing jeweller.

Manufacturing process

Our custom jewellery designs are nationally recognised. Our passionate and experienced jewellers seek absolute perfection with each piece. We invite our customers to book an appointment to discuss the manufacturing process. Our experienced team will sit down with you to discuss ideas and offer suggestions on design, fixtures, finishes, and precious stones.

Contact us to book an appointment.