"Aurum Jewels are manufacturing jewellers."

Manufacturing Jewellers.

Aurum Jewels Burnside, Manufacturing Jewellers, are celebrating their seventeenth year as a manufacturing jeweller, having started at The Parade in June 2002, and now operating at Burnside Village. Founder and owner, Brigitte Zollo commenced working at Burnside Village, working with Ann Middleton at Chez Jewels in 1983.

Aurum’s selected jewellers, both craftsmen and women, that execute the creation, have been selected for their technical ability in the craft of jewellery making. Quality control in the resulting rings is fastidious, in the extreme. The design must be nothing less than perfect. Common industry shortcuts in the ‘discount’ industry, including cheaper settings, cheaper ‘outside’ diamonds in the setting, or 9 carat mounts in an otherwise 18 carat ring are excluded, being a part of the high volume discount engagement ring scene. Accuracy about the clarity and colour of all small diamonds, in engagement rings, wedders and right hand rings.

Aurum Jewels at Burnside Village is the exclusive Adelaide domain of Danish brand Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, soon to be joined by the spectacular Italian brand, Pomellato. Among their international collections is Australia's own Autore, famous for Australian grown South Sea Pearls and award winning jewellery.

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