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The timeless beauty of individual personality.

Iconic Pomellato jewels are colorful, rebellious, and unconventional.

Founded in 1967, Maison Pomellato has come to represent masterful Italian craftsmanship, profound goldsmith savoir-faire, and jubilantly distinctive designs. Balancing the past with the future, tradition with innovation, rigor with experimentation, and sensuality with audacity, Pomellato design sets itself apart in the world of jewellery, as it has no equal.

Pomellato is ultimately a women’s affair. It’s something women buy for themselves, in an act of self gratification that is empowering, self affirming and joyous. The new advertising campaign adds another layer to this proudly feminine stance. The protagonists were chosen exactly because they are bold and unique women: real women, not idealized beauties, with whom we can all naturally identify. As in the last 50 years, today Pomellato celebrates the wonderful diversity and the truthful authenticity of womanhood. Embracing diversity means amplifying and glorifying the unique strength every woman has inside.